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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

Or, Hey, send him an advance copy DVD of the fan film so he can review them the week of release (and you can send one to me, too... hint hint... )

All of Randy's Fan Film Friday reviews can by accessed, organized by fan film at Star Trek Reviewed!

And I place each release in a headline there after it happens... for those of us who get disappointed and frantic about expecting things that don't come for months...

Also coming out in the next few months (but you didn't hear this from me...):

Part II of Star Trek: Osiris's Pilot! ... March 28 to be exact!
More from The Multiverse Crisis!

And before year's end...
More from ST: Intrepid
Completion of the first episode of Star Trek: Counter Worlds

And newly (but already!) available over the last month:

1) Part I of the 4-part Encarta series. All four parts are now on line!
2) The Siren's Carnage by RoTV at Go!Animate, a 3 Part story, complete!
3) Episode 1 of the brand new series, Star Trek Requirius!
4) Choices, Part II from Dark Armada
5) Dead on Arrival from Dark Frontier
6) The Final Sound on Blood and Fire Part II from Phase II, but only on You Tube, not yet available for download.

Where to find and watch already available Trek? Why always look through Star Trek Reviewed... linked in my signature!

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