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Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

I saw a thread like this over in the Trek Lit boards, and I think it could prove useful here.

From what I understand, several independent projects are going to come to fruition with new releases during the next couple of months.

That includes Phase II, which noted in an article at, was projecting a release of their newest episode called “Enemy Starfleet” at the end of March or start of April. Find the site at

Farragut Animated is headed toward the finish line with its second animated adventure, which hasn’t put out a firm release date, but after finishing 2 of 3 acts, they can’t be too far away. Their web page is at

Another release slated for the next few weeks is a new adventure from a new group, Star Trek Imperium. The debut for Imperium wll be available before long at

Star Trek: Phoenix is going to be shown locally in Washington state during April before releasing ”Cloak and Dagger” for Internet distribution at the start of May. Their site can be found at

And who knows what else is out there!

I like the idea of a calendar-like list so those who like fan films can find out what’s coming by checking this thread. Yeah, I realize I’m volunteering to put in any calendar we get.

But I also have a selfish reason for all this: I write the Fan Film Friday weekly column at, and it would be wonderful to be able to plan ahead with all this cool stuff!

So please, if you have a project coming out, you can put your info on a post in this thread or drop me an email at
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