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Re: Warp speed and the 'star effect'

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Occasionally we see a ship (I'm thinking Voyager in particular here but I think it happens in most of the series) just cruising around at Impulse seemingly outside a solar system. I say they're at impulse because we're not seeing the warp streaks. I always thought this was strange because moving at impulse between solar systems is just not feasible to get anywhere. Anyone know what the deal is here?
That happens quite frequently in all the series, but Voyager is the most noticeable for two reasons:

-We can tell they're not at warp because the nacelles are not raised.

-They're trying to get home, and frequently travelling through deep space at impulse speed is not practical for achieving that goal.

I figure when the stock footage was being done, TPTB wanted generic shots of the ship flying through space for promotional image purposes. But yeah, it does look weird and is something that frequently annoys me.
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