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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

1x04 “Rest in Pain”

I knew it when Cooper said he knew who killed Laura at the end of last episode that it was too good to be true, that it was more complicated than that. "Break the code, solve the crime." I don't think we'll be seeing the complete breaking of the code anytime soon.

The flirtation between Cooper and Audrey continues and I’m not quite sure if Cooper’s really into her or is just indulging her in that area to communicate with her.

The fight scene at the morgue I thought was bound to happen with Albert’s disrespectful attitude towards the people of Twin Peaks. I applaud Truman for punching him but while I understand where Truman, the doctor, and Horne were coming from with their desire to lay Laura to rest; I understood Albert’s point as well. If they are to catch Laura’s murderer, they need evidence and evidence from Laura’s body can prove to be the most crucial in bringing Laura’s murderer to justice. Tests on the body like that can only be done at a certain time before the body is buried.

Laura Palmer’s funeral was one of the most emotional scenes of the series so far, nearly toe-to-toe with the scene when Laura’s parents realize that their daughter is dead. From Bobby’s speech to the townspeople that they all knew Laura was troubled and did nothing to save her to Laura’s father falling into the grave and grabbing hold of Laura’s coffin for dear life. It was an emotional mess all around.

A part of Cooper’s Red Room dream is fulfilled when Laura’s cousin Madeleine enters the show possessing such a striking resemblance to Laura Palmer that you would think it was Laura herself in disguise. I remember in Cooper’s dream, the dwarf saying that dream Laura was his cousin and asking Cooper if she looks exactly like Laura.

I’m wondering if there’s something up with Twin Peaks’ show-within-show Invitation to Love, if it has a connection with what’s going on in the show. Like the Black Freighter comic in Watchmen, which started out as something unimportant but after reading the rest of the story, you begin to put the pieces together.

Cooper’s relationship with the people of Twin Peaks continues to strengthen. He refuses to help Albert file a complaint against Truman for punching him. He thinks about living in Twin Peaks after his investigation is over and then attends Laura’s funeral even though he never had the chance to know her personally before her death. The biggest development in Cooper’s developing relationship with the townspeople is when he’s introduced to the Bookhouse Boys. The Bookhouse Boys are a secret society whose members have sworn to protect Twin Peaks from people like drug dealer Jacques Renault who’s selling drugs to high school kids with the help of Lee Johnson, Bobby, and Mike. The Bookhouse Boys are like the Others of Twin Peaks with the town taking the place of the Island. They are aware that Twin Peaks is different from any other place on Earth and that there’s an ancient dark presence in the old woods which is the cost of all the good things Twin Peaks has. Could this dark presence be the Bob from Cooper’s dream?

Catherine is evil and conniving as always, thinking two steps ahead of Pete and Josie just when they thought they finally had proof something was wrong with the mill’s finances.

Dr. Jacoby’s visit to Laura’s grave makes me wonder how close he and Laura really were.

Shelly has a gun. Does she plan on using it to protect herself from Lee?

The romance between Truman and Josie feels flat in chemistry to me though I’m happy Truman has someone to go home to at the end of the day.

Hank’s talk about a person having more than a soul is beautifully thought-provoking and Leland’s unraveling starting with last episode is terribly tragic. I would think Laura’s mother would have gotten this bad by now but somehow she still possesses a somewhat stable state of mind.

On another note, has anyone noticed that the Bob and Mike from Cooper’s dream have the exact same names as Bobby Briggs and his friend Mike? Is it a coincidence or is there some significance to it?
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