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I neglected my legs for such a long time that I'm kind of top-heavy. I'm trying to bulk up my lower body so I look more even.
I'm exactly the same... always have been. My knees are in terrible shape so I get a little lazy with them as it can be incredibly painful. It results in test shots of me where I have to cut off at the waist.

Horribly mismatched.

Hoping forcing myself to do heavy squats as part of my new routine (about the only thing can do) will help with that.
It doesn't help that my legs are insanely long compared to my torso, so even when they do have a bit of bulk to them, they still look really skinny. It's one of the reasons I've been trying to do more cardio. I'm hoping if I can shrink down my waste it'll make my legs look less thin.
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