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I loathe what they do with McAvoy's character in that film, it's just terrible, though I did love Whittaker as Idi Amin. Go figure.
It was just as much her decision as his. Her death, likewise, was real, and in similar circumstances, though the person who impregnated her was different (obviously, since the lead is a composite character). He's in so far over his head I didn't have a problem sympathizing with him.


High Noon [B+] - this is one of the most acclaimed Westerns of all time (arguably the most, though John Wayne hated it), and scores pretty highly on many Greatest Films of All Time lists. One can appreciate how significant it is in the context of the times; in a lot of ways, it's the first revisionist Western. From the vantage point of nearly 60 years hence, that novelty has faded quite a lot; revisionist Westerns are really the only kind being made. That said, there's still plenty to appreciate here. The film is quite economical in terms of time, and makes quite effective use of real-time to build tension. The decision to go for a claustrophobic atmosphere on the prairie is daring, but it works too. Cooper is very good, as are the supporting performances (though Grace Kelly frankly seems a bit out of place, particularly the accent). The climactic gunfight is also still fairly genre-breaking; even most revisionist Westerns wouldn't kick off with the protagonist shooting someone in the back (and that happens again). Albeit, in terms of the rule of escalation, having seen Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall fight off a dozen plus guys in Open Range, Gary Cooper against four is harder to paint as a suicide mission.
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