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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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... so I don't expect anyone to follow my lead on this... but I thought I'd throw it into the mix...
Clearly at some point the decision was made make the shuttlebay larger than Jefferies had initially allowed for - probably for visual impact.
Not during the production of TOS...
Except that the decision was made (by someone) to approve & build a much larger shuttlebay set than could actually fit in the space behind the pylon bulkheads.

If I could make use of Shaw's diagram, this is how the shuttlebay would appear if confined to that space:

In terms of a small dedicated facility, not often used (such as was discussed with respect to the Ticonderoga class cruiser) this makes good sense. However, compare that to what we actually got in "The Galileo Seven":

Granted, the set was built with forced perspective, bu it's clearly a much bigger room! As I said earlier, I suspect this was done for dramatic reasons.
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Jefferies was asked to revisit the Enterprise in the Summer/Fall of 1977 (well after both the Joseph Technical Manual and Booklet of General Plans had been released) and didn't feel any need to diverge from his original view of the hangar bay, it doesn't seem that he considered it an issue.
It's interesting that FJ made use of a much larger shuttlebay than Jefferies:

FJ not withstanding, there's clearly two Enterprises here - the one Jefferies intended, and the one we got on our screens.
The Jeffriesprise looks to hold together better in terms of structure (at least from a 20th Century engineering standpoint) and is more common sense in terms of what goes where and how big it is.
The TVprise has been altered with respect to directors' choice of shots and use of set (such as corridors leading into the the shuttlebay) and limitations on what could actually be build on a TV budget, plus the "visual impact" choices of certain designs (larger shuttlebay, bridge orientation etc).

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