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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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... so I don't expect anyone to follow my lead on this... but I thought I'd throw it into the mix...
Clearly at some point the decision was made make the shuttlebay larger than Jefferies had initially allowed for - probably for visual impact.
Not during the production of TOS... and as Jefferies was asked to revisit the Enterprise in the Summer/Fall of 1977 (well after both the Joseph Technical Manual and Booklet of General Plans had been released) and didn't feel any need to diverge from his original view of the hangar bay, it doesn't seem that he considered it an issue.

Your response was predictable (having read the thread) and was why I hadn't offered any comment before and said what I said about not expecting anyone to follow my lead on this. I was just offering the historical data on the subject in case anyone was interested, and not my opinions (other than the comment on using current carriers as a model for shuttle craft operations).

The best person to direct comments to on that data would be Jefferies, not me. I didn't design this stuff (any more than anyone not part of TOS production... including those who worked on later Trek), so I accept no credit or blame.

However, the way Trek ended up strongly points to an enlarged shuttlebay facility (if going by on-screen evidence, as opposed to author intent).
Of course the way Trek ended up is Trek other than TOS. But if we are talking about STXI, then you are absolutely correct.
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