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ENTER | TNG Avatar Contest #1 | Encounter At Farpoint.

I talked to Holdfast and apparently there was one at one time and then died...who ever ran it then if you want to co-run this one PM me.

I will be doing this by episode of course and start from the beginning...which means "Encounter at Farpoint".

There will also be a random theme..."Love" anything from TNG that has to do with love. "Encounter at Farpoint" images cannot be used.

The winner of the episode theme will get the satisfaction of winning. I might design a trophy...or maybe someone can design one for me...would be very grateful.

The winner of the random theme will get to choose the next theme & get a trophy.

TrekBBS rules apply...Up to 140x140 px and up to 70kb.

Hopefully this one won't die.

Episode: Encounter At Farpoint
Random: Love

[Edit] you can go to to find great screencaps & images.

Almost forgot...will be taking entries till Tuesday @ Midnight & Voting On Wed.

----!!!Enter Now!!!----
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