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Re: JMS Takes Over For Superman and Wonder Woman in July!

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Seems like it these days. What is it with DC and trying to force 30-40 year old elements of the characters into the modern versions. Like "Oh the Silver Age was so awesome. Didja know Superman could move entire planets!"

That's WHY JOHN BYRNE WAS HIRED TO REBOOT HIM. They're going to need ANOTHER frakking reboot soon and guess what... people will be begging for the Post-Crisis version again! Mark me words.
I liked Byrne's SUPERMAN reboot. Superman really had to work his powers to the limit. He struggled and strained at times to defeat villains and lift objects. I'm not sure DC had a deliberate plan to bring his powers up to the godlike pre-Crisis levels. It happened gradually, without much notice. I think Superman's increasing strength in the last decade or so is the consequence of big-ticket writers (like Grant Morrison) taking more and more liberties (see All-Star Superman), with editors just signing off on everything.
Superman gained a major power up after Infinite Crisis. Before that he remained mostly like the Byrne version.
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