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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

I think one of the main problems of the TNG films was that the writers seem to be forced to focus on Picard and Data as main focal points. Each movie we saw the two of them were given the meat and potatoes story lines while the rest of the cast was largely ignored and Moore and Braga at least in their audio commentaries stated they regretted not giving the rest of the cast more to do. In a film everything has to be condensed while you have a lot more freedom in a television series to tell impact full stories using all the characters. I agree that First Contact FEELS like a true TNG story, Generations is maybe the next film that comes close but falls flat because of the goofy nexus storyline and having to interegate the two casts together. Insurrection I don't mind as much since viewing multiple viewings of it and I agree it should have been a Dominion War story. Will mentions Katacel White in his research into the Son'a and Baku maybe you could have had the Dominion attempt to occupy the Baku. Worf is on load from Deep Space Nine due to his experience with dealing with them and you could have a subplot of him dealing with Jadiza's death (which was written into an early draft where Captain Picard gives him condolences on her death). You could still have the Deanna and Troi romance even though in typical Trek fashion it comes out of no where and hits us over the head.
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