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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

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well hello!

my name is susan and im a huge tng nerd. i think my favorite characters are data (obviously) and worf, because he cracks me up.

my favorite episodes - wow, that's a hard one. i know im probably in the minority, but i really like the holodeck episodes and those focused on data.

i hate wesley.
Lol, I think quite alot of people hate Wesley...

Anyways, i'm Gian and 19. Didn't actually grow up watching TNG was far too young at the time. My Dad introduced me to Star Trek when I was a little older and I have watched re-runs ever since.

Just a quick one about me, at primary school there was this event where kids had to wear a costume of their favorite book/tv character for the day.

I turned up on the day as Mr Data, in the yellow uniform with the badge, pips and a phaser lol. My mum made me the costume and I was pretty sure I asked for the Command uniform but I settled for Ops lol.
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