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Re: JMS Takes Over For Superman and Wonder Woman in July!

One of the more annoying things about recent Wonder Woman is that in the aftermath of Infinite Crisis and 52 DC started out by doing a makeover that made the comic into a somewhat updated take on the WW TV series of the 1970s. I liked that approach, with WW becoming Diana Prince, secret agent for her day job. There was even a tantalizing plot thread that suggested that the SHIELD-like organization she was working with might have forced her to kill people during the course of missions which would have made an interesting counterpoint to the whole Maxwell Lord neck-breaking business.

All this lasted about, what, 3 issues and then she got tied up with lengthy mythology-related plotlines, and talking apes and all sorts of stuff ... talk about losing focus!

I'd love to see JMS reel things back to what I thought was a rather promising story arc. Heck, I'll even go one step further and add it might be the right time to try a new go at the non-powered "Diana Prince, Wonder Woman" concept that was so wildly ridiculed, despite being rather intriguing (in idea, if not in execution), back in the 70s.

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I'm hoping that he'll have Superman come out of the closet and dump Lois for Lex. I don't think he will, but I can always hope.
Tsk. Everyone knows Jimmy Olsen is "Superman's Pal"!

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