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Re: I Don't Have A Favorite...

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I was thinking about my favorite characters from each series...Hoshi/ENT, 7 Of 9/VOY, Jadzia Dax/DS9 & Data/TNG...and I really don't have a favorite from TOS...I liked TOS and all...but I feel I may like all the characters equally enough where I don't have a favorite.

Do you have a favorite TOS character...I would like to hear who & why...this may help me a little.
If I have a clear favorite in a show, it's definitely Spock in TOS.

In TNG it's Data or Picard, in DS9 I like most of the characters and I have several favorites (though Kira is #1), in VOY... I like The Doctor and Tuvok and occasionally Seven, in ENT it's quite even as most of the crew grew on me, except for poor Travis who was never fleshed out.
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