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Re: New Interview with S.D. Perry and Britta Burdett Dennison

Interesting interview. Britta Dennison's Seven Deadly Sins story seems promising, despite my lack of enthusiasm for DS9's Mirror Universe.

I wanted to give this story a really dark feel, almost noir-ish, and I feel like that ultimately came through very well.” In Freedom Angst, the Mirror Universe is the representing the sin Lust, a combination decided by the book’s editor “because he wanted me specifically to do the Mirror Universe, and he felt that Lust was the best of the ‘sins’ for that particular theme.” But having been assigned to Lust actually played into Britta’s hands. “Given the choice, I am sure I would have chosen lust, since I prefer writing character-driven fiction over plot-driven, and I also like to get really sordid with the interpersonal themes in my stories!
I've always wondered how those too divided the work on their novels (note: I haven't read Interception). I think I have a good idea now which parts of Night of the Wolves and Dawn of the Eagles were Britta's work - there were a few complex, dark and somewhat "sordid" interpersonal dynamics, which is one of things I really enjoyed about the novels. Judging by S.D. Perry's solo DS9 novels, she seems to excel at the spiritual and mystical elements, which I've also thoroughly enjoyed. And the combination of the two is delightful.
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