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Re: JMS Takes Over For Superman and Wonder Woman in July!

Donald Draper wrote: View Post
Hard to see how his approach to Superman in the GN won't inform his take in the regular books. Even if that origin is not "canon".
This is what I'm thinking, and it would pretty much make the Johns / Frank "Secret Origin" worthless right out of the gate. At least Mark Waid's "Birthright" had a couple years of ambiguity before it was thrown out the window.

Of course, Geoff Johns has pretty much taken over Didio's old job as creative guidance for the company, so that could help keep "Secret Origin" alive. The question is how do you reign in someone like JMS if you want to keep him working for the company?

JMS just hasn't seemed like much of a "play ball" kind of guy in my opinion. I'm not saying that's a bad thing; I'm just saying that I don't think he'll accept having the boundary of another writer's ideas. JMS certainly didn't accept it when Quesada started meddling with Spider-man; and JMS didn't accept it when Quesada wanted to do a Marvel U crossover with Thor. In both of those instances, JMS just quit.

coolghoul wrote: View Post
I know JMS' run on Spidey was pretty long - was it about a 100 issues or so?
Pretty much. JMS did 74 issues of Amazing Spider-man, but he also wrote some issues Sensational Spider-man and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man during crossovers (such as "One More Day").
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