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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Saquist wrote: View Post
So whos wrong and whos right.
Lets not be shy about our errors....I need a clear answer.
CTM wrote: View Post
As always, I* am.

* for varying values of "I"
Varying values of "I", yes guess that's it.

Another interior which does not seem to fit.

Made two last pics for anyone interested:

First pic shows the TWOK bridge in the right scale, notice that now the turbolifts stick out the module, however with a little work and just a bit rescaling they could fit in I guess. But they will never correspond to the little domes on top of the module.

Second pic, a cilinder presenting where the turbolift would be if it would correspond to the outside.

Last pics I'm showing, showed too much allready in someone else his thread.

CTM, good luck with whatever you should decide how and which bridge to put in. Anyway you do it, you won't have any comments from me, difficult as it is.

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