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Re: The latest "Alien" prequel rumours - Scott directing, in 3-D?

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I'd be interested to see another Alien film, if they would give it to an interesting director who might do something worthwhile with the franchise.

But why a prequel? The more encounters with aliens that came before the Nostromo, the more messed up the continuity becomes. Can't any interesting stories be told after the initial encounters by Ripley and co? I'd like to see the alien home planet.
Not that it will ever matter (for the movies' continuity) but the latest AVP game has an ending that reveals the Weyland-Yutani Corporation discovers what is presumably the Alien homeworld. It's set in the future after Alien 3, and not disturb continuity for Resurrection if you wanted to preserve that.

There was also a few books that the homeworld was thought discovered but either turned out to be a massive infestation or something else. Fox wanted to keep the "mystique" of their origins a secret so the true answer was never known.

I wouldn't mind seeing something that takes place in the future as opposed to another prequel but in this case we've got Ridley Scott on board so at least there's that much.
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