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New Interview with S.D. Perry and Britta Burdett Dennison

Just in time for Unreality SF's second birthday there's another new interview online, this time with S.D. Perry and Britta Burdett Dennison.

In the interview we talk about Star Trek: Inception, their 2009 Wonder Woman novelisation, Britta's solo debut Freedom Angst in the Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology and how their collaboration works.

Given that information, it sounds as if Inception is the same S.D. Perry-written Carol Marcus novel which was rumoured quite a few years ago. Is that the case? “That’d be the same one,” Danelle confirms. “The book was written about the same time that the new movie script was being passed around. Knowing that the book and the new movie were both set prior to TOS, our editor decided that it would be best to wait and see if there were contradictions that needed to be addressed. Marco has since left Pocket, and the acting editor felt that the book and movie were different enough that it would be kosher to publish.”
You can read the full interview here.
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