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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Hi all!

Thanks for the great comments, glad you're still enjoying this!

Chaos Descending

Don't think it is a spoiler to say that yes, Vidius really believes what he is saying here. Like you pointed out in your comment, Anakin around AOTC believed that something like an Empire could be a force for good, and this Anakin is closer to that Anakin than the one who eventually became Vader in our timeline. Good catch!

Glad you're enjoying this, hope to have some more up next week.


Wow, cool, a new reader! So great to have new people join in on the fun!

So glad you're enjoying this story, more so if you're not normally a SW fan. Really means a lot. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story.


I just had a vision of a Cardassian Sith... Brrrr. Chilling!

Still, great comparison here. Vidius is definitely more of a manipulator than Vader ever was, the result of his training after he was born as a clone.

As to the idea of Vidius being turned back to the Light Side - I have to admit the thought hadn't even occured to me, but I agree that he would probably be much more difficult to turn back.

And no, Vidius is not consciously close to Vergere's philosophy of the Force.

The Badger

I really wanted this chapter to leave you guessing as to what exactly Vidius is playing at, and in that it seems to have succeeded. There is definitely room for both interpretations here, as to whether this Empire is simply more 'friendly' than the original universe one or whether this is all just a set up...

Hopefully the final answer will continue to surprise you!

Admiral Young

Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it! And really flattered you feel this is getting better as we go along.

Vidius as simply a disposable tool to get to Luke... I quite like that idea. Not that I'm saying that is the truth, but it is an intriguing notion...

USS Avenger

Yeah, charming Vader does seem somehow more scary than normal Vader, doesn't he?!

I agree wholeheartedly that I'm sure for a lot of people the Empire would have been a good thing. For those who have read the novels, you get the feeling that things spiralled out of control when the Empire fell, and the Alliance hasn't been able to hold things together as well as they would have liked. So I'm sure a lot of people would have been upset when it fell, despite it's darker side.

And a good point about the Empire needing to be more careful of appearing 'good' considering the existence of the Alliance as an alternative.

Thanks to you all once again for your insightful comments! So glad you're enjoying this!

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