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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

On the subject of Hitchcock:

Dial M For Murder (A) - I've not watched much of Alfred Hitchcock's work in the past (I watched Rear Window and was incredibly bored, which is of course an extreme minority opinion), but this was on sale for $6 at HMV, so I bought it. And this one I really liked. Having just watched Match Point, that film seems rather like what would have happened if this one had ended about 15 minutes earlier than it did. I guessed before checking that the movie was based on a play, given the limited sets, but unlike a lot of such translations that aren't opened up, I thought this worked really well. Watching the husband constantly adjusting his plans to manipulate everybody was quite riveting. My only complaints would probably be Grace Kelly's character, who seems to have the IQ of a piece of rotten ham (makes her somewhat harder to sympathize with), and the score, which is weirdly upbeat much of the time for the subject-matter.
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