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Re: Star Trek: Titan - Synthesis: Discuss / Grade <SPOILERS>

Just finished this today... First off... it's incredibly cool that the actual authors of these books come in and discuss them. I just found this forum yesterday, and fact that simply blows me away.

As for the book, it was fantastic... I did find myself glazing over at some of the treknobabble, but it wasn't like it was overboard or anything... just a lot going on.

There seems to be a great deal of malcontent about how the characters were portrayed (as being overly hostile), but after the whole borg thing, that's more than understandable to me. What's more, the Titan avatar/AI was brought about by a race of beings that were a) machines, b) wholly foreign in almost every way and c) quite possibly enemies (seriously... they started out by attacking the crew)... their intent definitely was not clear at all in the beginning and they had strange ways of 'helping' that could easily be misconstrued. I found the crew's reaction to the Titan avatar understandable in that no one was sure how deep the 'assistance of giving Titan the ability to choose' really went. Who's to say that these alien machines didn't just give her a choice, but implant a virus that could allow them to take control at any time? Caution in an instance such as that seems prudent...

Again, great job James, and everyone who's been writing on these post-Nemesis books. My only complaint is that they don't come quick enough...

2 other quick things.

1) The cover was really not the right fit for the book.

2) I'd love to see artist sketches of some of these characters as I'm having a hard time visualizing some of them.

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