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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Its quite funny how there are people advocating genocide and murder in this thread and they're supposed to be Next Generation fans! You guys have missed the point of this show in the most spectacular way possible . I even read a post where someone actually had to point out that killing babies was wrong .
One question for you is: Would you kill a Borg that was coming at you? What if another one came? Then another? When would you stop and just give up or run away? Would you destroy a Borg cube headed for a populated planet? What about two cubes? What percentage of the Borg are you comfortable destroying? 100% just isn't fair?
Well, in this fictional Trek universe we're given a nice and clean option of doing that to all of them because they all act exactly the same. They each would pose the exact same threat as every other one.
Also, even if you think it's something you wouldn't do, Picard should have done it and then gone and sought counseling or had a beer or just shut up and the rest of the Federation or even the galaxy would rename whole planets after him.
Oh, and please learn the difference between killing and murder!
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