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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

I think all that we're really missing out on, is the continued saga of a universe that took 40 years, & over 1,500 hours of footage to develop. Inconsistencies & all, it was a pretty special thing to witness that lengthy an endeavor, in one ongoing fantasy realm. So special, that a countless slew of novelizations have been rendered from it

That's seemingly over now, unless by some miracle it's readdressed, & I think it was rather irreverent to completely abandon it, & those that built it, and supported it. I mean one reboots Batman, Superman, & James Bond franchises, because there's very little to rehash. Some characters, some villains, & a bit of back story. 40 years of Trek amounts to a bit more than that

To reboot Star Trek is to turn your back on 40 years of creative effort toward a story that spans 4 centuries. That's truly a special thing to be lost, especially with how they did it, which essentially was to use time travel to unwrite it. I can see how some people could think that was a slap in the face, or even a kick in the nuts

Having said all that, the reboot, as a movie unto itself, wasn't that bad. It was alright. Some decent performances, some entertainment, big budget blah blah blah. Made a killing, will get a few sequels. Not much more you can ask for in today's cinematic environment, but the saga it ain't
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