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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

First Contact was the only Next Generation era film that felt worthy of being a movie. The others, as has been stated many times, felt more like episodes with extremely high budgets and overtly long running times.

I think the era, if not specifically just TNG, should have gotten two more films... or should get two more films. nuTrek or Abrams' film or whatever you want to call it was not terrible (by comparison to any of the other 10 films.) What annoys me about it is that it essentially gave the TOS characters a seventh film. They were great characters and I enjoyed them but... enough already. They weren't that much better (some would say they weren't at all better) than the casts that came later.

The logistics of making the decision to reboot from the beginning are obvious and terms for a good solid debate. I grasp the concept of what will make money and what won't. I grasp the concept that no one would fund a DS9 movie (certainly no one would fund a Voyager movie.) From a story tellers point of view as opposed to the view of just someone trying to make money I think a lot of potential is lost when the "prime" universe and the TNG-era stuff gets discarded in favor of resurrecting the TOS era for another go round.

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