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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

First Contact, IMO, was the best Trek film ever, period. And certainly the best TNG film.

I feel the TNG films were a disappointment due to bad writing, and poor concepts. Insurrection really should have been a Dominion War story, and the argument that the average Joe doesn't know the Dominion doesn't make sense to me. the average Joe doesn't know the Romulans, yet Nemesis and Star Trek 2009 were made with that race in central prominence. Most persons who don't follow Star Trek couldn't give a damn about Trek species or the Trek universe.

Worf could have been on a mission to protect a colony, the colony sent out a distress call, the Enterprise-E answered, and the old crew together defeated a Founder/Vorta/Jem Hadar squad. It need not have been as intense as First Contact (I agree with Sir Patrick and other cast in saying that First Contact was intense), but with a better initial concept the ninth Trek film could have been a good one.

I personally would like to see TNG (or even DS9) in some kind of format again, even if it were made for TV movies. The problem would be getting Data back (or at least getting some way for Brent Spiner to play him) but anything is possible.
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