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Re: Does The Enterprise Orbit

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Here's a different approach:

Is there anything in canon to support or refute the notion that a space vessel's "orbit" of a given planet could be "powered" for one instance and "natural" for the next? In other words, could the Enterprise and other vessels in TOS/TNG/etc be employing different "orbit" techniques depending on the mission and the skipper's discretion?
The orbit in "This Side of Paradise" must be a natural one as there's no mention of it decaying anytime soon. Kirk says he could stay aboard, but not pilot the Enterprise. Ditto Exeter's in "Omega Glory". She'd been there for at least six months. "Court Martial" seems to show a powered one, otherwise Finney's sabotage of the engines would be no immediate threat. The choice must be the captain's, dependent on the mission.
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