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Re: McG's 'Captain Nemo' beached by Disney

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McG is actually a very talented filmmaker. When not being pissed around by film studios and movie stars, he's actually quite a good filmmaker. He does what Michael Bay does, except coherently and without the coke.
Are you serious?

I admit i enjoyed Charlies Angels 1+2 but only on a superficial level because it was so goofy and funny.

The only advantage he has on Bay is that he didn't discover shaky cam (yet).

Both are popcorn directors and i'd call neither one a good director.. i'm still laughing when it was pointed out to him how that big humancollector robot was able to "sneak" up on that house in the middle of the desert and ambush everyone and he was stunned because he couldn't explain it.

McG should stick to music videos and small franchises where he can do no damage.
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