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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

In 6 pages, I've not seen anyone write what I think. So I'll write it. They were ALL wrong. Picard, Crusher, Nachayev, everybody....... except Worf, & the tragic thing is, that Picard knew it. Worf's suggestion was to kill it, & make it look like it had died in the crash. That's a true security man talking, right there

You do that, only if you think you can unequivocally leave no trace behind. (Which they could probably accomplish) Otherwise, you just leave well enough alone, & disappear. Picard knew, just like Worf, that the thing should never have been brought on board. Crusher let her Hippocratic oath get in the way, & the rest is history. (You're an officer too, Doc) It was dying when they got there, anyway. Maybe conduct a quick investigation to discern how & why it crashed, just to be certain that it wasn't somehow connected to you or yours.... Then, get lost!

The suggested invasive virus? Just provocation. No evidence, beyond Geordi's observations of Hugh, to irrefutably prove it would work, & solid logic suggesting that, were it unsuccessful, it would provoke the Borg, into another attack, which had been conspicuously on hold for quite some time, short of a 5 unit scout cube. The likely reason for that standoff, was the Enterprise crew's rather ingenious defensive stand at Earth, in BoBW

The Hugh-borne individuality virus? Also provocation! When the Borg had to cut links with Hugh's mothership, it would have likely provoked them. It could easily have been the catalyst for the Borg mounting their rather unconventional attack, on Earth & then its time line, in 1st Contact

Starfleet's position has always been that they will not start a war. That's not just because of some ideological love of all lifeforms, but from a more practical understanding that fighting wars gets your people killed, & jeopardizes your way of life. So, why on Earth, would you want to deliberately provoke the bloody BORG, under any circumstances? Fear! No Sir! You leave that bastard dying right where he is, & if you can help him get dead quicker, with out any endangerment, then, by all means do so, but whatever you do, don't go getting your nuts in a sling.

The irony is, that Worf's abruptly dismissed suggestion seemed either overly simplistic, or unacceptably dispassionate, at the time. There are times, when simplicity & dispassion are worthwhile attributes. That was one of them. I'd have had Worf & Riker drag her from the site. Let her bitch, if she wants. Write a formal protest. It'll make good fodder for an admiral's trash file

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