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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

OK, checked my references and my original TWOK bridge, seems I did scale it to fit the turbolifts. Sorry about that.
The railing is as guessed 20' in diameter, as is the "pit" Chekow and Sulu are sitting in. The outher wall, that would be on the bottom, has a diameter of 35,5'. The ceiling height, that is where all those fancy lights are, is 7,65' heigh. The ceiling height of the bridge INTERIOR dome is 9,9'. The walls go up with a curve of 10,5'.

The dome of the Ent, with a lenght of 1000' has a diameter of 38.8'.

Now, if I put The correct TWOK bridge into the refit, then the bridge fits in very nice, but the turbolifts now are WAY OFF, and I'm afraid they might also fall outside the module. Don't have time right now, but if interested I will put up some pics of the result.

So I guess for CTM, it leaves him using only the TMP bridge in this case. Which is the toughest of them all. OR lower the TUC bridge into the C deck a bit so the turbolifts fall inside the dome. OR use the TUC bridge and put the center backwards toward the airlock.

Anyway, it seems the original builders did line up the center of dome and the center of the turbolifts, but then screwed the proportions. If you take the bridge with a diameter of 35,5' and then put the turbolifts where they are supposed to be from the outside seen, they fall well inside the bridge itself.
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