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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

FWIW I have the diameter of the docking ring on the rear of the bridge at approx 2m (I don't have the exact number handy, but IIRC it was 2.23 or something like that). Using that dimension, the interiors are a much tighter fit than wjasper's renders. While I would give my wisdom teeth to have the interior set plan details he has, as we already know the sets don't necessarily match up with the filming models. As I see it, the bridge interior dome fits with little room to spare inside the exterior dome. Furthermore, form follows function. The mini dome-tops seen on the bridge module are there for a reason they wouldn't just be there for decoration*. It is my position (and this ship will be built according to that position) that they are the tops of the turbo lifts at the bridge level. Others may see it differently, and in wjasper's case, he has clearly gone to the effort to model it so. I only wish I could render my models as effectively - perhaps in time, once I've completed actual model building I can start working on textures and rendering in a program suited for it.

*Yes, I am perfectly aware that in truth the extra bits on these models are actually there just for decoration, but that makes no sense "in universe", so I'm sticking with the premise. Certainly Mr. Probert put some thought into some of these sorts of things - even if he didn't narrow it down to the exact micrometer it would actually have to be (nor should he have - we're the sick obsessed fans who are complaining about the locations of rivets on ships that never really existed ).
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