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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

wjaspers – It sounds like you should be working form solid interior dimensions if you were working from the actual set construction plans. I have never had access to those so all of my numbers are best guesses from other sources. Bernard’s plans are closer to the interior/exterior proportions I am familiar with. I agree that your interior lines up with your exterior “turbolift hatches” very well. But…if your interior is correct, I still think your exterior is too big. Let me run through some number and see what you and others think…

My best guess for the diameter of the handrail around the inner part of the bridge is 20’ (can you check that with the set plans? Can anyone else provide a better value?)

If the Polar Lights 1/350 bridge module is reasonably accurate (I assume it is accurate to +/-5%), I get a dome diameter of about 40’ where it hits the flatter housing over the floodlights.

If I use the 20’ handrail diameter to scale your exterior dome, I get a dome diameter of about 54’. That is about 35% larger than the PL bridge dome and implies an overall length for the Refit of somewhere between 1300’ and 1400’. That is much larger than the official length of 1000’

If anyone else has better numbers, please check my math.
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