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what would 3-D bring to an Alien film?
The depth of the Z-axis beyond the flat screen.

Modern 3-D (RealD) adds depth to the screen and not just gimmicky jump at your face imagery. Get used to it. It differentiates the cinema experience with what someone can get on Blu-ray on a 60 inch HDTV at home in 2D. Hollywood can make more money per seat by offering films in 3-D at the cinema.
Exactly. Aside from ticket prices, it's also important to the studios that in order to show modern 3-D films exhibitors have to upgrade their projection equipment in such a way that movies can be distributed digitally rather than on film. The studios want to get out of the "celluloid" business very badly.

Alice In Wonderland may be on track for a 120 million dollar opening weekend. The downside to that for folks who are impressed, as I am, with Avatar is that conversion-to-3D rather than shooting with 3D equipment will probably be seen as an acceptable stop-gap for the studios...the upside is that the acceptance of the conversion process as a stop-gap means that the complete transition to 3D and digital distribution can be accomplished within a few years without much interruption to projects currently moving forward.
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