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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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When I first saw the doors in the foward Position I thought that it was a hallway going to the turboelevator shaft. So I came up with this variation

Great work by the way.
Nice, however, like the bleuprints of the bridges at the LCARS database, your bleuprint is not long enough.
Compare this: you have the airlock right behind the turbolifts, look at the outside of the bridge module, there is a lot of space between the turbolifts and the airlock.
On this bleuprint and the ones on the LCARS database there is no room for that thingie on top with the navlight.

Now for your solution with the placement of the doors and the lifts in its original position, had not thought about that, creative but in the movie, you can see the turbolift.

You could also imagine that the turbolift comes up in its original position, and moves a few meters horizontal to get in the new position (think turbolifts can move vertical and horizontal).
wjaspers I Drew that In 1999 All I had to go with were the Kimble blueprints and the Lawrence Miller Bridge drawings for the interior proportions, I figure that I did pretty good considering my source material. I would later get the Bridge Poster from ST 6. I used that poster as a basis for alot bridge varients. I wish I had some of the material that you fellows had to work with now. I just realised that that cad file is now 11 years old Back then when I watched the movies I thought I noticed that no stood
waiting in the turbolift Like the old series they just walked
in and out the door but its been a long time since I've watched some of those movies even though I own them.
That Bridge became the main Bridge of the USS Malverne
Fredrikstad Shuttle Carrier Blueprints which I drew up for that Starfleet Chapter back in the Nineties. It was a fantastic time to be drawing Trek.

Looking foward to seeing more of your outstanding work.
Keep up the great work
Live Long and Prosper Technically
Bernard Guignard
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