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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

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I did, because all those things you mention are surface things.
Basically because first I didn't want to venture into spoiler territory,
And secondly it was an impression of "Points of Departure", and from that all I've got are surface things, and those surface things point to Sinclair with a new coat of paint. Substantively speaking I never got over that impression...

Other than that, their personalities and interpersonal styles, totally different. Further, how the Minbari and Earth regarded them, polar opposites.
Which as inversions go isn't much of one, because given Sinclair's close relationship with Delenn there will still walls between them as the Battle of the Line plot made clear,

BTW, the idea of both of them having a friend in the staff of B5 is a little much to pick on.
By itself, of course not. But when it's a piece of a larger puzzle? Then yeah, it's a fair target. JMS was losing this long history relationship Sinclair and Garibaldi had, and giving Sheridan the same relationship with the same character was just gosh darn it too obvious, which left Franklin and Ivanova.
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