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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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wjaspers - Those are some beautiful renders. However, to my eye it looks like your interior is scaled too small for the exterior. What dimensions did you use for the bridge interior and the bridge module exterior?
First the bridge interiors. These I made back in 2005. The TWOK bridge was made up to scale 1:1, I used the bleuprints they made for building the actual movie bridge, since it has been a few years, I'm not that sure, but I think I got them from Seanr.
From that I used the circumference of the TWOK bridge to build the TUC bridge, and they do line up perfectly, distance to the ceiling, distance from the center to the turbolifts. And I had some nice bleuprints of the TUC stations.

So that would mean I did as much as I could do to have them up to scale.

The Ent I build in 2008, in AutoCad, no textures, all panels build. You will understand, building the Ent panel by panel, one must be sure that the measurements are correct. I used numerous of sources, provided to me by fellow modelers. And it was also build 1:1.

I can also say that the bridge module is a match to Dennis Bailey's bridge module. So I guess that would be OK.

So yesterday, to proove my statement that every bridge would fit, I thought, wat if I would merge the bridges into my Ent? and to my surprise those pics is what turned out.

Now, here is a pic so you can see there is no other possibility:

What you see here is the TWOK bridge, the green lines are the center of the dome, we know (at least I know) that the turbolifts are set 30 degree from the center, these are the red lines. I also know the distance of the center of the turbolifts to the center of the bridge ie dome. On the outside of the module I know the top of the turbolifts because I can see them. Put those together and done.
Hope this makes sense. In other words, making the circumference of the bridge bigger, and the center will shift away from the center of the dome, or if you keep the center, the lifts will shift further away.

Here is another one:

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