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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

Revelations (***)

After watching this episode it really reinforces how Points of Departure put everything on hold in order to introduce Sheridan because all four plots from Chrysalis (G'Kar searching for something, Delenn in her cocoon, Garibaldi in a coma and the assassination of the Earth President) come into play here. All these plots are interesting on some level but none of them are all that shocking, at least not for me. G'Kar coming to the realisation that there's another race, an evil one that threatens them all, is important but it's not a huge revelation for me because I've known about the Shadows for years. I don't know what they are or why they're returning, but this episode didn't delve into any of that.

Then there's the revelation that President Clark may have been complicit in the death of President Santiago as some sort of power grab by the Psi Corps, but even that wasn't a surprise. They made a point in Chrysalis to mention that VP Clark left the Presidential tour for health reasons, so that raised a red flag right there, and we were warned back in season 1 that the Psi Corps want political control. The final revelation, that Delenn has become half-human, or something, also wasn't shocking because I've seen pictures of her looking like that for a long time. I was hoping for a bit more than her changing appearance, although there will probably be more to it than that in the future.

One thing I really enjoyed about this episode was the Sheridan plot about mourning his wife two years after her death, it was one of those moments where I clicked with the character and, godsdamnit, I felt a little emotional. I really enjoyed this plot... right up until the point where his sister gives him a recording of his wife that says everything he has wanted to hear for two years. It was a complete Get Out of Jail Free card and it nearly ruined all the good stuff that came before. Life doesn't let us off the hook like that two years after losing someone we care about, no, life prefers to rip our heads off and defecate down our throats.

By the way, I received an email from my ex of two years yesterday. She wants to know if we can be friends again. Isn't that nice?

Gods, I hate my life sometimes.

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