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Re: The latest "Alien" prequel rumours - Scott directing, in 3-D?

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Yeah, this whole 3D thing is getting a bit silly now.
You'll have to get used to it; it's not going to fade away. More and more theaters are setting up for it, and if Alice In Wonderland opens successfully that will accelerate.

Latest word is that Alice looks to open with a 100 million dollar bye-bye to 2D blockbusters.
The eye-strain would be a little much. I'm still fairly sceptical; 3D has a long way to go yet if Avatar is any indication.

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Actually, there are various parts of Alien which can be interpreted as the Company having some knowledge of the Alien. Ash seemed more familiar with it than he should have been anyway.
That's a fair point, actually, but certainly the existence of such creatures was not a matter of public record, so what do we get? Three movies of company hotshots investigating this species? Hmm.
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