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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

One thing I didn't like about "Points of Departure" is to the extent John Sheridan was a very unsubtly reworked version of Jeffrey Sinclair. Granted, it wasn't the first time JMS had to scramble to replace an actor with a very similar character - there were no less than four instances of that in the first season alone; and suspiciously both first officers had a thing for bending the rules to plant fresh coffee. But Sinclair wasn't a guy who appeared in the pilot or an episode or two, he was the lead character of the show for a whole year.

And what do we get? Well, Jeffrey Sinclair, the lead character in a show by Joe Straczynski, is replaced by John Sheridan. Sinclair has a history with Garibaldi, Sheridan has a history with Ivanova. Sinclair was a hero of the last stand of the Minbari War, Sheridan won the only successful battle of that war. And so on - he even looks like a younger, fresher-faced Sinclair.

A minority opinion perhaps, but there wasn't really a point in the series where I ever came around to accepting Sheridan as a replacement for Sinclair, and I wasn't even a big fan of Sinclair to begin with.

The other thing was something JMS of course could not avoid; Lennier dropping the Battle of the Line plot abruptly, ignominiously and with reams of dialogue. With Sinclair exiting stage left it no longer really has the significance it once did.
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