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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Gagarin wrote: View Post
I wouldn't be too sure of that. They may fit in the floorplan of the module, but this is a 3D object that curves and has different heights. The 'box' attatched to the dome contains the turbolifts and the airlock. Move the lifts forward, and the 'box' has to surround the dome more.
Well that is, if the top of the turbolifts would be the top of the module. But it is not, either is the dome you see the top of the bridge ceiling.
Between the top of the bridge/turbolifts and the top of the module/dome, there is a big space. Once you model the bridges to specs, you will notice that.

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
Actually, no they don't. There are lots of problems, in fact. CTM is right and I forgot about the lifts. they are both farther apart by one full panel each away from each other in TFF and two full panels by the time TUC was made. This would put the lift shafts well outside the outer skin of the bridge dome.
Ofcourse, however as said above, the top of those turbolifts is less high than you might think.

CTM wrote: View Post
No. They don't. Specifically, the ST VI: TUC bridge cannot fit. The others can, but with the lifts on either side, it would absolutely HAVE to add bulges on either side to fit the lifts. All the other bridges can fit, but that one cannot fit.
If you look here:
you can see the Turbo Lifts will not fit within this modeled exterior in the TUC version.
To proove my point here some pics:

Top of the TWOK bridge:

Top of the TUC bridge:

TWOK persp:

TUC persp:

With dome:

As said, if you model them up to specs.
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