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Re: Iron Man: Armored Adventures gets 2nd Season

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The show would only have to be slightly different than it was, but I'd have been totally immersed.
I find that statement so contradictory. If the stories are the same aside from some trivial bits of backstory, why would your immersion level be so much different?

And a guy in the '60s being able to invent technology that can hold its own against modern bad-guy tech? I wouldn't buy that. Technology has advanced so far in the past 40 years that the very idea would be ludicrous. And it would diminish the show's Tony by making him more an imitator than an innovator. This version of Tony may be younger, but he's still the same person, the same driven genius, not a namesake two generations removed.

Also, your version would kind of simplify the Stane character. The show's version is more ambiguous, therefore more interesting.
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