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Re: Iron Man: Armored Adventures gets 2nd Season

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/\I'm surprised they didn't do that considering the success of the first Iron Man Movie. Tony was never a teen when he wore the armor. If they needed a kid to connect to their target audience, why not have a teen sidekick, a genius like Tony was at his age, repairing armor, and occasionally getting Iron Man out of trouble. I never watched this show because of this. Spider-man is different. He was always a freshman in high school when he became a superhero.
I could immerse myself in this if it was about teen Tony being Tony Stark's grandson.

The first Tony/IM would have been active in the early 60's, took some schrapnel in Korea and fought cold-war armoured Russians. Had an affair with a mysterious Russian spy named Natasha, who became pregnant and left the baby with Tony in exchange for her freedom...

Tony's son, Arnold Stark, grew up an indolent playboy who turned SI over to Obidiah Stane when his father disappeared.

Arnold's son, the young Tony, discovers some of his grandfather's armour as well as an automated design and manufacturing facilty. At 16, he's nowhere near his grandfather's equal as far as designing micro-circuitry or weapons, but he has that knack with computers and software that all teenage comic book heroes are born with. He updates his grandfather's computers and software and starts creating new armours, with "thinking outside the box" designs.

Meanwhile the Mandarin's grandson is looking for the rings, Stane is turning SI into Evil Inc, and a series of villians are attacking industrial facilities and stealing technology, using armour based on the original Iron Man's old foes, like the Crimson Dynamo, the Melter, Whiplash etc.

Now use that as the hidden backstory, the show could be written pretty much as it was in the first season but reveal all of this bit by bit as young Tony defeats various foes and sniffs out the mystery of his grandfather's disappearance.

The show would only have to be slightly different than it was, but I'd have been totally immersed.
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