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Re: Why doesn't Spock Prime go back in time to save Vulcan?

Actually, time travel is not exactly the same in all episodes. For example, in Assignment Earth, it's almost described as fatalism, since the outcome was set, and they basically couldn't fail. A single timeline, where incursions actually are a part of the events. It's like in The Time Traveler's Wife. Illogical, to say the least, since time traveling has to start somewhere.

Moving on, in The Future Guy-episodes, we have a single timeline which in fact can be altered. It's pretty much the same in TBOBW, First Contact and Year of Hell.

In Paralles, which isn't really a time travel episode, but relevant non the less, we have multiple universes, each for one possible outcome of actions. It would support the idea that it might exist a prime and an alternate universe, as in Star Trek XI.

I prefer the Future Guy one, but saying that Star Trek XI time travel is unprecedented isn't really true.
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