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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

Points of Departure (***)

Hmm, not the grandiose start I was hoping for after Chrysalis, but what could JMS do? His lead actor left at a pivotal moment in the series and he had to introduce a new station commander and try to get us all to accept him in 42 minutes, all this after hinting in Babylon Squared that Sinclair was going to be a big deal in the future of this show. So while this episode didn't explain what is going on with Delenn, and we still don't know where G'Kar went, and we don't know the political ramifications of the Earth President being assassinated, and nothing new happened with Garibaldi... I can't blame this episode for dropping all that stuff to introduce Sheridan.

As for Sheridan, I like him, he has let me with a much more positive impression that Sinclair did after his first episode. I guess part of the problem with Sinclair is that I knew he would be leaving, and the episodes that focused on him tended to deal with the mystery of the Battle of the Line rather than exploring him as a person, so I never clicked with him. Sheridan on the other hand doesn't feel like a mystery, he feels like a character front and centre, and while he discusses his actions during the war, and this episode's plot focuses on that era of his life, it doesn't feel like this is all there is to him. And I like that he's more... bitter than Sinclair when it comes to the Minbari. Sinclair seemed to get along with everyone, it seems like Sheridan is going to bring a bit more conflict to the show.

However, I could be very wrong about this, I've only known the guy for a few minutes.

The one piece of the overall plot that did move along was the revelation of what "really" happened at the Battle of the Line, and boy was I underwhelmed by that. I was expecting something Earth-shattering, the revelation that humans have in them something I don't believe in wasn't what I was hoping for. Anything that validates Soul Hunter as an episode in a bad thing in my book. I just don't buy that the Minbari insisted on making Sinclair the commander of Babylon 5 because he was the first human the Grey Council encountered, I have to believe that there is something more to it than that.

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