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Re: Why doesn't Spock Prime go back in time to save Vulcan?

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First off let me state that I am a fan of having a single, malleable timeline. From a drama standpoint it is just more satisfying that everything that was and everything that will ever be is at stake in a time travel tale.

BillJ wrote:
Second, you have to work from the assumption that the older Spock as depicted in this film isn't from the Prime timeline and is from a timeline where him and Jim Kirk didn't flaunt the timeline at will.
I'm inclined to agree. As I've mentioned elsewhere, there are other clues that OldSpock's future is not that of the primary timeline with which we're familiar, and thus that this whole thing is set in an alternate reality even before Nero's intervention.

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Problem: GRANDFATHER PARADOX. This means that Spock remembering different events that cannot be corrected is impossible in a linear timeline. Cause and effect can NOT be ignored, dispite wishful thinking/assertions otherwise.
I'm honestly not clear on what you're trying to say here. Fictional time travelers routinely remember events from their original history, whether they've changed it or not. This has nothing to do with what "cannot be corrected"; so long as time-travel further backward remains possible, anything can theoretically be corrected.
Nevertheless, more information in the movie supports MWI over a linear timeline.

All you are telling me is that most time travel in Star Trek has been innacurate with regards to current prevailing theory, and somewhat inconsistent anyway.

UHURA: An Alternate Reality.
SPOCK: Precisely.

Rather than argue against it based on preference, how about based on contradictory, on-screen evidence from the movie?
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