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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

The Maltese Falcon - the prototypical film noir, and one of the most influential films in history in terms of the impact it had across a whole swathe of genres. Saw it on a reasonably big screen due to a student-run fundraiser at the university. It's a good movie (which, to an extent, is all you can ask of a film that has been imitated as much as this one has). I was familiar beforehand with the big final reveals, due to popcultural osmosis, but it's still fun to watch (a lot of these old noirs are heavy on humour, something that newer iterations largely don't have; like, say, basically any scene with the camp gay played by Peter Lorre). Maybe this is just a result of more visceral depictions of passion on film since, but I didn't find Spade's final choice over what to do with Brigid especially convincing.

Love and Death - one of Woody Allen's mid-70s comedies, prior to the beginning of his semi-serious period with Annie Hall. This is rather different from most Allen films in that it's a period piece, albeit with Allen playing his usual persona as a complete anachronism in the middle of Napoleonic Russia. Much of the humour comes from parodying Russian literature of the 19th century (primarily Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky), and it's fairly amusing, if usually not laugh-out-loud (Allen's neurose-heavy style of comedy tends to shy away from belly-laughs).
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