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Re: Oscars: If Geeks Ran the Academy

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Oy, that makes the opposite point - geeks shouldn't be allowed to vote!

I can agree with: '51, '56, '64, '68, maybe '79, '95 and definitely '08.

But honestly people. The Lawnmower Man beats Unforgiven?
Why not? Actually, if you don't like that movie, you can always nominate this one: Malcolm X! Both were better than that overrated piece of shit Unforgiven.

And I agree with both of these lists.

Dusty... this needs a little somethin' more than just the text of the article and a link to it. It makes sense to link since the article also uses a slideshow, but try to offer some of your own thoughts ab out it as well, ok?
Sorry, but I'm only going by your own rules that you set up about not posting the whole article. And what use would my own thoughts on the matter be? I agree with them to begin with. Not with all of the choices, mind you, but with most of them.
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