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Re: Oscars: If Geeks Ran the Academy

Dusty Ayres wrote: View Post
The expanded slate of Best Picture nominees at the 2010 Academy Awards resulted in a geek windfall. Not only did the decade-in-the-making sci-fi epic Avatar make the list of nominees, but so did the alien apartheid parable District 9 and even the Pixar sci-fi movie Up, only the second time an animated film has been nominated for Best Picture. But if geeks actually ran the Oscars, this would be par for the course each year. In fact, plenty of past nominees would have been winners instead of also-rans if nerds had been in charge from the very beginning. Take a look at how Oscar history would've been different, and perhaps better.

Oscars: If Geeks Ran the Academy
Dusty... this needs a little somethin' more than just the text of the article and a link to it. It makes sense to link since the article also uses a slideshow, but try to offer some of your own thoughts ab out it as well, ok?

that said... it's an interesting take. I haven't seen all of the films used in the comparisons, so I can't really say which deserved it in all cases. I'm probably in the minority of geeks who liked "Titanic" and had little argument with its Best Pic Oscar. The cases where I'd agree with this article:

1981 (but it's close)
1984 best Actor (Morita was tremendous! Even if I liked him as Arnold in "Happy Days" a little bit more)
2000 (again, a close call)
2001 (without a doubt!)
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