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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

1x03 “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”

“Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer” has a little bit more of a focus on the Horne family which starts off with the episode opening with what would be perceived to be a normal family dinner in their household. But things on the Horne front get kicked into gear with the arrival of Uncle Jerry. I’ve learned from this episode and the one before it that Benjamin Horne is quite the manwhore and it seems like so is his brother, Jerry. I’ve also noticed once Jerry came into the picture, we get to see the side of Benjamin’s personality that’s relaxed and acts like something of a partying bad boy. Maybe that says something about his past prior to him becoming a successful businessman. And I’m getting this feeling that Jerry’s life expectancy won’t run long on the show.

I love the developing romance between James and Donna. It’s sweet and it looks like those two may be meant to be which is why it pains me to say that a part of me fears for the worst for them. It’s just that feeling of mine.

The visit to One-Eye Jack’s is a bit of an eye-opener to Twin Peaks’ not-so-seedy underworld that lies beneath the surface of this seemingly quaint town. I’m wondering how much of a role this place is going to have in the story of the show, especially after Cooper finds a mysterious message left in front of his door hinting that One-Eye Jack's may have a connection to what happened to Laura.

I have never seen anything like Cooper’s Tibet method in all my life and watching it being performed was really something. I can tell by the look on Truman’s face that he can’t tell if Cooper’s plain crazy or strangely brilliant. But with Cooper being more or so right about this case so far, I can understand Truman being willing to go along with all this weird stuff as long as it yields results on the solving of Laura’s murder.

I think Bobby may actually love Shelly by the way he reacted to her abuse at Leo’s hand. But I’ve been noticing the show’s tendency to show us one thing only to hit us with another so there could be a hidden layer to Bobby’s affections for Shelly. Speaking of unexpected twists, it turns out Bobby and Mike are very involved with Leo’s drug-smuggling business. But I don’t know if they’re buying drugs for personal use or if they have some kind kind of arrangement with Leo in which they sell drugs to the students of their high school and give Leo the money they received for selling the drugs only to be given more drugs to sell. And in the scene when Bobby and Mike secretly meet Leo in the woods, there was someone hiding behind a tree in the dark. Who is it? Does he or she work with Leo or does Leo work for him or her? Is this shadowy individual this Renault character Ed was talking about last episode?

Audrey is quite an enigma. You don’t know if she truly cares about anyone or not by the way she casually switches from the subject of Laura to the diner music like Laura never existed before. Half of the time, she acts like she’s high off some drug. I think Audrey suspects an affair was going on between Laura and her father which I wouldn’t find surprising with Laura’s troubled personality and Ben’s womanizing ways. Though parts of the Audrey characters are confusing to me like the Bobby character, I do love her dancing to the diner music in a trance-like state. It felt like something out of a soothing dream.

Cooper’s expert Albert is a prick. Truman wants to hit him already and he’s only known him for a minute. Even the delightful Lucy doesn’t like him which she expresses by sticking out her tongue at him behind his back. Cooper keeps on giving his happy smile, apparently having great confidence in Albert’s abilities as a forensic expert and not in his hardly functioning social skills. Ed’s one-eyed wife Nadine is crazy as always, surprisingly strong, and finally accomplished her desired goal of creating her perfectly soundless drape runners. Now that she’s done this, I wonder what she’ll obsess about next. Good old boy Pete is helping Josie uncover possible embezzlment and his hell of a marriage with Catherine continues (No wonder they sleep in separate rooms!). What did Pete saw in her when they first met which would have compelled him to marry her? Was marrying her even his idea?

Leland’s dance with a framed photo of his daughter was to me creepy and disturbing. To say he was handling his grief over his daughter’s death badly would be an understatement. I feel there’s something more to it. Maybe guilt. I’m suspecting that guilt may have had something to do with him possibly having sex with his daughter which would have contributed to Laura’s downward spiral.

For those of you wondering why a show like Twin Peaks is being discussed on the Science Fiction & Fantasy forum, I suggest you watch the ending of this episode which is when the show’s supernatural elements really begin to come into play. All I’ll say about it without spoiling the experience for you all is that Cooper’s dream is one out-there moment of the show that’s both surreal and thought-provoking. Not as mind-blowing as Laura Means’ breakdown in the Millennium Season 2 finale but close.
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