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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

The Fountain is a deeply moving and visually provocative film. It's really rich and the film doesn't explain everything, which I really liked. It's a potent mixture of visuals and music that sort of congeal and help tell the story more so than the plot actually does. Little is really substantiated since you can make all sorts of guesses and have all sorts of interpretations, but I like that life and death is pretty basic and simple yet the film deals with it in such vividly imaginative and indecisive strokes.

I mean, people have tons of theories about life and death, but indeed the story is really about the fragility of life and the acceptance of death. It's this fantastically melancholy yet realistic idea told in the guise of this wonderfully surrealistic science-fiction fantasy. I love films that don't overtly explain things and Darren Aronosfky's film is so subtle and nuanced that I just got swept up in the majesty of the storytelling. It's a really stunningly beautiful film.
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